Many people helped to make this project happen, but there are a few in particular whom we would like to give special thanks to.

During our time in Berlin, we had the amazing opportunity to work closely with four refugees. They were our translators for Arabic, Turkish and Farsi. They helped us break down the language barrier to get the story, and we couldn’t have done it without them. Many thanks to Anmar, Amir, Aimal and Obaidullah.

We would also like to thank our hosts during our three weeks in Berlin. Evangelische Journalistenschule (EJS), KarLoh CoHousing  and Ecosia green search engine were all kind enough to lend us their space for research, interviews and production. Having a place to get work done and focus was vital in creating this project.

We certainly would not have made it without the generous support of our donors. During the fall and spring semesters we crowdfunded through Indiegogo and held several fundraising events. Some of our supporters chose to remain anonymous; we would like to credit the others here.

None of this would have been possible without the support from the University of Montana School of Journalism. A special shoutout to Kathleen Whetzel, assistant to the dean, who put in countless hours to help organize the trip. To learn about other J-School’s projects, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks to:

Seth Abramson
Sharon Barrett
Albert Borgmann
Patricia Borneman
Christopher D Courtney
Denise Dowling and Chris Johnson
Chris Edgar
Ray Ekness and Patty Corrigan
Victoria Emmons
Mary Fahnestock-Thomas
Gwen Florio and Scott Crichton
Rebecca Foster
Allison L Franz
Molly Galusha
Sue and Peter Graf
Keith Graham and Rosemary McKee
Austin Green
Sonja Grimmsmann
Jana Hood
Ulrich Kamp
Effie Koehn
Olga Kreimer
Peggy Kuhr and Tom Foor
Jeffrey M Lauber

Soazig Le Bihan
Jeremy Lurgio
Anne Murphy
Shirley Oliver
Ron Reason
Christiane von Reichert
Susie and Ray Risho
Matt Roberts
Michele Rutherford
John Saul
Jeremy Sauter
Mario Schulzke
Minie Smith
Gary Sorensen
Eileen Sullivan
Dennis and Julie Swibold
Sue and John Talbot
Shannon K Thomas
Alice Thorpe
Carolyn Todd
Marja Unkhuri-Chaudry
Michel Valentin
Carol Van Valkenburg
Nadia White
Clem and Lucia Work